Well, they are both important but that’s beside the point.

The bigger question is — are you allocating the right amount of time to the most important things? Especially if you are in leadership.

Of course, the name of the show is not more important than the show, yet every now and then we see leaders, creatives and people in positions spend more time on the name, the logo, the colors, the typeface, the patterns, and the rest without getting the dynamics of the show (or the business) right.

It’s easy to hide this under the guise of branding and first appearance (or whatever) but the question is, would the people you really seek to serve come back for more?

And it’s unlikely that the reason they are back is the logo.



It’s real. Whatever you feel, whatever you’re going through, it's real.

The question is how real do you want it to be?
Real enough to determine, who you are, who you are next, and who you can ever be? Real enough to be final?
And there’s a chance that it’s that real.

Other times, it’s simply a deep end. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not less real.
It’s hard, it’s lonely, it’s heartbreaking, it’s unpopular, it’s everything you think it is but if you find the resolve to throw your hand and push the water backward, soon enough, you’ll get your head above the water.

The other question is, what does ‘resolve’ mean?
And I hope you can answer that (for yourself).



Not in the argument sense, but can you really imagine?

Think about it like — can you conceive? …and that’s what you should be doing with your imagination because it unlocks the door to a whole new world where just about anything is possible.

I once read about an old scientist who that said, when he has tried all that is possible with solving a problem, he goes to a quiet room to sit and imagine the problem being solved, and every time he does it, the idea he needs to solve the problem drops in his mind. He had over 200 patents.

You are not that limited. There’s a whole world of possibilities when you shut your eyes.

Like most things, you need to practice.

Close your eyes. See



The last nine years have been the warmest on record for our planet and 2022 ranked the 5th warmest according to NASA.

The impact of a higher average temperature is more than just a heat wave, though 28 countries experienced their hottest year on record. As the average temperature rises, it causes more frequent severe weather events with worsening impacts. Think hurricanes, floods, droughts, forest fires and other “natural” disasters.

Take five minutes and watch NASA’s recap of 2022.

You may have been, or know someone who was directly affected by one of these events.

We need to work together to influence our community and governments as well as companies we work for and with to make needed changes.

And maybe the headline for 2023 will read differently.

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