A Truce in History Worth Learning From

Olabanji Stephen
2 min readJun 1, 2023


During World War II, a remarkable event known as the “Christmas Truce” occurred in 1914.
A spontaneous ceasefire took place on the Western Front, where German and British soldiers laid down their arms and celebrated Christmas together in the midst of war.

On Christmas Eve, soldiers on both sides started to notice the singing of Christmas carols from the enemy trenches. As the night fell, the singing grew louder and more distinct. The troops cautiously began to emerge from their trenches, cautiously making their way toward the opposing lines.

Soon, soldiers from both sides were meeting in No Man’s Land, the area between the trenches.
They exchanged small gifts, shared stories, and even played games of football (soccer).
The men discovered that they had more in common with one another than they could have imagined. They shared photographs, laughed, and swapped stories of their lives back home.

For a brief moment, the war was forgotten as the soldiers experienced a sense of unity and humanity amidst the chaos. They set aside their weapons and celebrated Christmas together, recognizing their shared humanity despite being on opposite sides of the conflict.

The Christmas Truce was not sanctioned by high-ranking officials.
It was spontaneous and unofficial. Nevertheless, it spread across various sectors of the front line, and the truce lasted for several days in some areas.

Soldiers who had been engaged in brutal combat just hours earlier were now singing carols and exchanging gifts with their former adversaries.

Although the truce did not last, and fighting resumed shortly after, the Christmas Truce remains a powerful symbol of the human spirit’s capacity for compassion and goodwill.

The point? Here you go —
We might be different. We might even disagree
But if we are open, the connection is possible and we can start with the “Christmas Truce”



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