Consistency Almost Always Beats a Head Start

Here’s what you need to know

Olabanji Stephen
1 min readMay 23


Some writers, musicians, apps, blogs, and podcasts got a head start.

Their debut was outstanding. It felt like a good launch and now all they have to do is build on it.
Some of them survive and some don’t. Actually, many don’t.

Then there are those that go at things drip by drip. Each new episode is better than the last. They stay consistent. The blog post, the song. It’s slow at first, then it picks up. And usually, they stick around for longer.

It’s not one or the other.
We can prepare for a great debut, make a blast and get a head start and that’s great.

Or we can decide to be consistent at making our work, shipping it, and making it better.

Not everyone gets a head start. In fact, most don’t.
But right here and now you can decide to be consistent
To build something meaningful and make it better the next time you try

Why not?



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