Driving the point home

In every (difficult) conversation

Olabanji Stephen
1 min readMay 25, 2023

The reason it’s hard to drive the point home is that we want to drive the point home. The other reason is that the person on the other side would rather not get the point.
And the reason is that it is not about them. It is about us.

Every now and then, we get into conversations and negotiations with the goal to win or to be understood or to elicit a response (whatever that may be) and we get stuck.

We get stuck because we are full of ourselves.
We get stuck because we can piece the logic together.
We get stuck because we (feel we) are right

Except that people are hardly motivated by logic. They think but they are hardly motivated by logic.

To drive the point home, we have to negotiate in the other person's world, not ours.

We do this by listening, understanding, and communicating that we understand how they feel.

You don't have to agree but they have to know that you are present with them.

This gives you access to their irrational mind.
That’s when to plant your idea



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