How Great People Defy the Odds

And how you can too

Olabanji Stephen
2 min readMar 20


What are the chances that you’ll be richer than Waren Buffet?
Or that your podcast will become number 1?
Or that you’ll win a gold medal at the Olympics?
Or that you’d create a game bigger than the Olympics?
Or that you’ll sell more album copies than Michael Jackson’s Thriller?
Or that you’d become the next president?

You might say, it’s impossible but often times when we say “impossible”, we simply mean “improbable”.
Improbable means that there’s a chance it’ll happen, might be a one-in-a-thousand or a one-in-a-million chance but that’s enough to disqualify it from being impossible

Those that defy the odds, make bestsellers, build unicorns, invent new technology, sell out arenas, win the world cup, challenge the status quo… and change the world. They do highly improbable things.

When we say it’s impossible, we are simply saying the odds are against us and we are not up for the challenge.

It takes some courage to say that there will be a computer on every desk and in every home at a time when you can barely get one through a door without first dismantling it. Well, Bill Gates said that in 1980.

You might be scared. It might be a feat. The odds might be stacked against you and it might be highly improbable but there’s a chance...

Perhaps some courage.



Olabanji Stephen

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