How To Build The Brand Called YOU (Part 2)


Olabanji Stephen
3 min readJan 26, 2021

There’s a quote by Grant Cardone, I hope I quote it right…

It’s not always the best that succeeds, but the best known.

Visibility is not the same as popularity, especially in this context. Popularity means a huge number of people might know you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they look up to you for the kind of value you offer.

Visibility is that a large number of people that the value you offer matters to, know you.

There are people you do not know because you are not in their space or in need of them. The value that they offer does not matter to you. If you’re not interested in health and fitness, you don’t have much business with Rich Froning or Adriene Mishler.

You probably don’t know Chris Do because you are not a designer or a creative. The very moment you start a creative career and you start looking for coaches and mentors, chances are, you will find him. That’s is visibility.

It is that you are relevant in your space and more people know you for the value that you offer and the impression you have administered.

It is that when your line of value is mentioned, your name is mentioned as well. There are certain people you don’t care to know until you need to buy a house, and you need a consultant, they’ll show up!

In my last article, I elucidated the need to build your personal brand and how foundational a personal mission, vision, message, and personality is to building the YOU brand and that just like a product, or an organization, you have to design the impression you want others to have of you and go head-on to administer that impression.

“We all have a personal brand whether we think about it that way or not. So, let’s be intentional about it. A strong brand to me means that your message is identifiable. When you have something you are known for, it lessens the perceived competition. That’s huge!”

— Kathy Klotz-Guest

One of the ways to build a visible personal brand is creative POSITIONING. Whilst your work can speak for you, you have to speak for your work too.

Do things that make it easy for people to find you. Do some meaningful, generous work.

Create a website or an online portfolio for yourself.

Join relevant communities or build one. Social media is a great place to start or explore

Establish yourself as an authority in your field by offering to speak at conferences, writing about what you do, and teaching others.

Network intentionally, collaborate

As a personal brand you don’t just want to be valuable, you need to create impact. Upward, sideways and downward. Upward to the people above you, sideways to your peers, and downward to people below you.

“A strong personal brand is one that has a high level of impact, which then leads to influence amongst the people who follow you. The key is to leverage social media and other social platforms and environments to create relevant and meaningful dialogues between you and the people you want to impact.”

– Mark Lack

The key is, be a person of value and impact, make yourself easy to find, and be consistent.



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