How To Figure Something Out

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Olabanji Stephen
1 min readMar 31, 2021


Figuring something out is a skill and you can learn it.

First, you have to be confident.

You have to be confident that you can make something work.

You have to be confident that your effort will result in success.

Then, understand that mistakes are a part of the process.

Understand that mistakes are an item in the budget and what they cost is not a setback, it’s just what you pay to get something else… what you pay to figure something out.

Then, understand that a breakthrough is the way forward and avoiding the problem is the way backward.

Understand that your growth is accelerated by how many things you are willing to figure out.

Then, rely on yourself and take responsibility

It’s okay to look for help but don’t take away the responsibility of figuring it out from yourself.

Rely on yourself to fix the problem.

When you’re confident,

When you understand that mistakes play a part,

When you know that a breakthrough is the way forward,

When you rely on yourself and take responsibility,

You’ll figure out just about anything.



Olabanji Stephen

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