How to find the perfect fit

Anyone… anything

Olabanji Stephen
1 min readMay 24


The search for a fit can be a thing. And now… perfect?
The spouse, the job, the project, the friend.

It’s easy to dismiss everyone and everything when ‘perfect’ is what we are looking for. It’s also easy to get into a loop of ‘no’s’. But it’s not helpful.
It’s not helpful because we don’t move forward and the mission is not accomplished.

On the other hand, we can start with clarity about where we are headed and our non-negotiables. These two provide us with a possible path.

When we know where we are headed and the things, perhaps character traits that we will absolutely not take, we open the door to possibility. Not ‘perfect’ but a chance for something or someone to take us somewhere that’s not where we currently are.

It might not work. Matter of fact we might have to find something else or someone else down the road but it’s the only way to lead and the sure way forward.

It’s a leap. And you can take it.



Olabanji Stephen

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