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Brand Identity Design Case Study

Olabanji Stephen
4 min readMay 9, 2024

Founded in Western Australia, the purpose of the Net Zero Network (NZN) is to create a forum for like-minded individuals who wish to play a part in making a meaningful contribution to the pursuit of Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This diverse community brings together a range of participants, including experts, passionate enthusiasts, and even novices to work together to identify how to best contribute, as individuals and as a group, to reducing global GHG emissions

NZN facilitates change by providing a platform for sharing ideas, exploring new approaches and innovations, tapping into the collective wisdom of its members, and supporting pragmatic actions toward a world with zero GHG emissions.

Although their goal is audacious and can sound technical, they wanted to convey it warmly to a broad audience.
Climate change does not always have to look, sound, or feel apocalyptic.

“How about we make the idea of community more fun and appealing?” They said.

The result is a fresh, fun, and functional brand system that conveys who they are and everything they stand for.

The colors we chose are inspired by nature, picked right out of its vibrant palette. They reflect the energy and spirit of NZN.

We created patterns and abstract shapes from the logo mark to add character and versatility to Net Zero’s Identity

Conversations that inspire and create the conditions for change are at the heart of Net Zero Network. That’s why it was crucial to equip them with all the tools they need to do this effectively.

That’s why we decided to create backgrounds with different moods.

To make NZN meet-ups more fun, we whipped up event assets that people just can’t resist. They’re designed to make everyone want to join in the fun and share the excitement with others!

We made sure that the vibrant visual language of Net Zero Network was well-represented on the website. But it wasn’t just about looks. Since the website hosts a wealth of information like articles, research, and reports, it was crucial to design it in a way that people could easily use and navigate.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Net Zero Network has resulted in a new, nature-inspired identity that’s poised for growth, flexibility, and adaptability.

This fresh identity beautifully expresses the personality of NZN’s sustainability-focused community and brings to life its unique offering.

Together, we’re ready to drive change and make a meaningful impact on our journey toward a zero-emission world.

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