The hurtful part of working toward your goal

And how to stay on top

Olabanji Stephen
2 min readJan 23, 2023

Imagine that Thomas A. Edison stopped halfway in his quest to build a machine that could record and reproduce the human voice.

Imagine that Henry Ford, who was heavily criticized and even charged to court for his innovation, gave in.

Imagine you didn't take the step on the last breakthrough you had

You’ll likely get laughed at if you start working out to lose weight.

You’ll most likely be called incompetent as you start and grow in your career.

You’ll likely be advised to stop your new business and get a job, and it might come from the people closest to you

The naysayers will tell you how impossible it might be
The onlookers will give you the gift of not saying much
The unbelievers will educate you on the factors that are against you and all of it is going to hurt. It’ll get to you.

The question is not how much of it you can take, you might have thick skin. The key is in understanding that none of it is worth forfeiting the future you are working to see.

Find the enablers. Find someone to do your thing with. Join a community of people that care and might help.
It’s possible to drown the negative voices.



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