The thing about counting down

Is that it’s costly

Olabanji Stephen
1 min readMay 5, 2023
Photo by Thirdman

Here’s another special archive episode:

Going over how many seconds are left before the rollercoaster is rolled again doesn’t always help with the fear of heights and the anxiety that comes with it. You might still puke. It might be more helpful to make friends with whoever is in the next seat really fast… and hold hands.

How long before the contract ends is less important. How much and well you can deliver is a more important focus.

How long your studio session is doesn’t matter as much as what you can make with it.

Going down the number of days left doesn’t help much, right?

And although it’s okay to count down, if it’s just so we can get to something else, it’s a waste of time itself. Time doesn’t need permission to move.

A better focus will be on what we do in time.

Attention is always limited in supply and our ability to choose what we do with it shapes our lives.

What are you counting down on? Time?



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