Updates on The Carbon Almanac

And ways to help the climate

Olabanji Stephen
2 min readMay 6, 2022


The change we seek to make, changes us… and it does in a great way. Over 1,900 people from all over the world showing up and raising their hands because they care. And you can be a part of it right here, right now

It’s not too late.

A great step forward is to understand climate issues and this is the only climate almanac that exists on the planet. It chronicles the issues and shows us ways out. Get a copy of The Carbon Almanac here

The kids FREE e-book

The kids (we call them Gen — C) are important to the change we need. They are contributing and helping to build too. They care! and here’s a tool by them for them. Get it here for free

You’d also find more stuff here for the kids, how we are planting trees in the names of people they love and they get to choose the name of the next tree!

The kids have a podcast too 😲

The kids ask questions about the climate, they discuss it and an expert on the subject answers their questions. That's thrilling!

Fun fact: I’m voice acting for the kids podcast 🤫 and it’s such an honor.

Listen here and everywhere you listen to podcasts. Simply search “generation carbon”

There’s a network of podcasts too

Four amazing podcasts on climate change and sustainability by people like you and the doors are open. Check it out to listen and contribute. Hit record if you’d like to lend your voice to the conversation.

It’s not too late. It’s not too late.



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