Your Growth is Tied to Your Calling

Or you might not be growing at all

Olabanji Stephen
1 min readJul 3, 2023

Growth is measured and tied to many things. Your decision, learning, focus, mentorship but the one that’s not often spoken of is your calling.

Not a voice that spoke to you from the dark to tell you why you were born. Nor a strange dream that chronicles the design of your existence.
I’m talking about your dreams and goals. The seemingly impossible things you desire. That is what is calling you to grow.

Real growth does not come from reading (knowledge does) or from working (experience does), or from seeing a shrink (emotional stability does).

Growth is not just knowing, or having. Growth is being (or becoming)

When you set a goal or dream that seems difficult for your current level and pursue it, you experience actual growth.

Note: I did not say achieving it. Congratulations if you do but growth is about stretching, struggling, juggling, planning, changing, forming habits, learning, taking steps, seeking and applying counsel, and doing everything within your power to attain something.

You lock in your growth by simply setting a goal and positing to achieve it.
Not imagined… real growth.



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